Types of content you can create for your digital channels

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Having recognized the importance of content in reputation and marketing, companies began to devote more attention to content and give it as much priority as profits. 


How not? Creating well-crafted content by talented content creators is essential for reaching company targets. 


Based on that, companies had to know the type of content they publish, its purpose, and lastly, how to produce interesting content, as well as the key metrics of each type. 


Types of Content


1. Content Marketing

It is primarily used to promote companies’ products and services in order to increase sales, which is a key objective.

This is done by writing advertising texts, creating a promotional video, etc., aimed directly at promoting the service or product. 


2. Educational Content

In this type, the company furnishes its clients with information related to its business activities. 

For example, a water bottling company could publish content about daily habits to increase water intake.  


Clients prefer this type of content because it brings them value and shows how much the company appreciates them, rather than focusing on promotional content.


3. Interactive Content

Companies in this type of content focus on engaging the audience and encouraging interaction in many ways. For example, create a survey or a discussion about a certain topic related to their business activities. 




4. Informative Content

The purpose of this type is to introduce the company's new products or services as well as provide instructions about the products or services. 


It is also used to publish customer feedback about products and services. By doing so, the company's image will be enhanced, and more customers will be attracted. 


5. News Content

In this type of content, companies share the latest news and events with their audience. For example, the company’s visits, agreements, and achievements.  


All types of content fulfill the same purpose.


- Improving digital communication with the audience. 

- Building a close rapport with the company’s clients. 

- Attracting a potential audience. 

- optimizing content for search engines. 

- Increasing brand awareness.

- Increasing sales. 


How to create interesting content?


- Understand your audience

Understanding your audience involves knowing their challenges, their interests, their motivations to follow you, and many other things. 


- Use reliable and high-quality resources.

By doing so, you will increase your content's credibility and build trust with your audience. 


- Share content at the right time.

For example, share weekend ideas on Thursday rather than Sunday! A good topic and timing are crucial to reaching your audience. Choosing the right topic and timing is vital for reaching your audience. 


- Apply the 80/20 rule.

which means just 20% of your content is dedicated to promoting your brand, while the remaining 80% is used for other content types. 


 Key metrics that matter for all content types


Professional and attractive content has specific characteristics. 


Your content should be: 

- high quality.

- original; do not just regurgitate content from other companies. 

- written in plain language and readable 

- free from grammatical and spelling errors.

- related to your brand. 

- meet your goals 

- tailored to a specific audience  


There are many types of content that can be used differently; however, choosing the timing and the right type to achieve your marketing objectives and increase your brand recognition is the crucial part. 


Now that you have explored content options that fit your brand’s needs, you are ready to create content that meets your marketing goals. 


It's well known that expertise and creativity go hand in hand. With a team of creative writers and experience in the field, Kenayah for Content Writing can help you reach your marketing goals. Contact us now!



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